Acoustic ceilings in Latin America

Sale of tecnopor, acoustic fibrablock, tecnoblock, tecnomix, eternit, calamines, drywall, ceilings, fibraforte, bricks, indented iron, cement, aggregates, wood, bitumen products, bituper, gutters, superboard, great wave, fereter?a.

AA BB DISTRIBUIDORES de Aarón Sánchez Dupuich

AA BB DISTRIBUIDORES de Aarón Sánchez Dupuich Sale of tecnopor, acoustic fibrablock, tecnoblock, tecnomix, eternit, calamines, drywall, ceilings, fibraforte, bricks, indented iron, cement, aggregates, wood, bitumen products, bituper, gutters, superboard, great wave, fereter?a generally, asphalts, asphalt mixture.
Acoustic construction of Drywall partitions, ceilings, flat sky
Calle Carlos Rodrigo 1032 - Piso 2 - Urb. Roma - Cercado de Lima - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Aaron Sánchez Dupuic

Construcciones Tabla Yeso

We're at your service.
Plasterwork in size.
painting etc
Tegucigalpa honduras - Francisco Morazán - Honduras

Construction finishes in América Latina
Civil work execution structures, finished and maintenance, sale of wood and manufacture of furniture for the home offices and schools sale of materials for the...

Ceilings in América Latina
Waterproofing Chough, gypsum, sky reasonable, construction, planning and so on. ...

Building Tec

Manufacturer of products tecnopor has a plant in the city of Ayacucho, eps manufacturing products for the construction industry and related industries.
Jr. César Vallejo 410 Belén (a una cuadra de la Posta de Belén) - Huamanga - Ayacucho - Peru


Decormachimbres Sales and installation of ceilings pvc pvc fitted kitchens and bathroom furniture carpentry.
carrera 18 No14a80 bahia comercial los maracos estero - Villavicencio - Meta - Colombia

Tecnico Instalador en Drywall

Installation work relizan false walls, sky reasonable drywall
Installation of acoustic false ceiling
Installation of tile roof shingle
Installation of floating floor
Installation of ceiling coating PVC
Installation of polycarbonate placed
Installation of galvanized steel trusses
Aluminum compound
Blanco Galindo km. 6.5 - Cercado - Cochabamba - Bolivia

Thermal and acoustic insulation in América Latina
Houses in traditional steel framing. Faster and better prices. ...

Pre-fabricated houses in América Latina
We are an Ecuadorian company dedicated to the manufacture and design of steel structure prefabricated houses, construction of fast (10 people x 10 houses a...

Beta Drywall

Beta drywall, specializing in drywall, acoustical ceilings, laminate flooring, porcelain and painting in general, we personalcualificado work for all types of serious and responsible work is our motto.
domodossola 124, segundo piso - Surquillo - Lima - Peru


Ferredrywall Design and construction of apartments in 3 weeks.
Ceilings and sky simple designs with pendants and satins.
Shelves, or furniture hornacillas Drywall
Tv furniture, closet drywall
Tecknoblok ceilings, Poliblock, Fibraforte or Eternit. Manto asphalt.
Large rooftop with quick, clean and economical drywall.
Remodeling with Drywall
Drywall Projects based on planes.
Drywall divisions, partitions, and plates Gyplac superboard plaster.
Thermoacoustic and More...
Av. Carlos Izaguirre mz E lt 5 - Los Olivos - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Jose Ramos

Acabados finos Escarchados

Av. Flora Tristan 486 La Molina - Lima - Peru

Metal structures in América Latina
We dedicated ourselves to offer to services to engineering and civil works, in our following headings: - structural steel (iron armor and installation) worked;...

CGC San Hilarion SAC

We have but of 25 years of experience realising all type of furniture in melamine and wood any design. Wood ceilings, presfabricadas, movable houses of office clinical, movable in kitchen with finished etc. Also we carried out works in system drywall acoustic ceilings sky razo diviciones of atmosphere and good house with finished ready to paint.
Villa Maria del Triunfo - San Gabriel Alto - Villa María del Triunfo - Lima - Peru


Factory covered in metal stainless steel timber with polycarbonate roof of 6 8 10 12 mm in Fornas ranging from flat pergolas sliding or fixed tunnels with oparcial permanent ventilation tanbien manufacture domes models bubble pyramidal type barrel also put at your service the decks with galbalume ceiling soundproofing insulation or normal flat or vault type are to serve at More...
quito parque industrial del sur - Bosa - Bogotá - Colombia