Acoustic ceilings in Latin America

Sale of tecnopor, acoustic fibrablock, tecnoblock, tecnomix, eternit, calamines, drywall, ceilings, fibraforte, bricks, indented iron, cement, aggregates, wood, bitumen products, bituper, gutters, superboard, great wave, fereter?a.

AA BB DISTRIBUIDORES de Aarón Sánchez Dupuich

AA BB DISTRIBUIDORES de Aarón Sánchez Dupuich Sale of tecnopor, acoustic fibrablock, tecnoblock, tecnomix, eternit, calamines, drywall, ceilings, fibraforte, bricks, indented iron, cement, aggregates, wood, bitumen products, bituper, gutters, superboard, great wave, fereter?a generally, asphalts, asphalt mixture.
Acoustic construction of Drywall partitions, ceilings, flat sky
Calle Carlos Rodrigo 1032 - Piso 2 - Urb. Roma - Cercado de Lima - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Aaron Sánchez Dupuic

Construcciones Tabla Yeso

We're at your service.
Plasterwork in size.
painting etc
Tegucigalpa honduras - Francisco Morazán - Honduras

Construction finishes in América Latina
Celima commercialize ceramic, sanitary clover, cim, VAINSA Italgrif, sole, METUSA, Jameco, wholesale and retail prices. ...

Estruacril S.A.S

Estruacril is a Colombian manufacturer of polycarbonate roofing, masonry and everything related to construction we have the service you need.
calle 13 sur # 10 a -62 - Antonio Nariño - Bogotá - Colombia

Corp. Log.y Serv. Profesionales.S.A.C.

We dedicated ourselves to do works special: atmosphere ceilings, soundproofing, wood works generally.
Mz.Z Lte.36 Urb. Pachacamac - Villa El Salvador - Lima - Peru

Acaba2 Drywall

Clean and safe modern buildings offer : upgrades, staff, drywall, diviciones, lijeras hedges, false pregnancies skies, camps, electrical facilities, installation of polycarbonate, painting in general.
calle rin 105 jose luis buatamante y rivero - José Luis Bustamante y Rivero - Arequipa - Peru

Ceilings in América Latina
Responsible and guarantee the quality of hand. construction work are generally made of reinforced local cuisines remodeling apartments emptied plates caico bathrooms ceramic floors templates...

Thermal and acoustic insulation in América Latina
Our company is dedicated to the field of thermal insulation of tanks, evaporators, hoppers, bins, exhaust ducts, chimneys, steam pipes' and condensed with mineral fiber...

Mob & Arqs

Mob & Arqs We dedicated to the consultancy, supervision, design and construction directed to the residential sector like enterprise. We solve its needs professionally, of integral form and with guarantee of quality, as much in our service as in the materials and products with which we worked. Our company of architecture closely gives answer to the needs of the market working with You More...
- Santiago de Surco - Lima - Peru

Eimahr E.I.R.L. Multiservice

Eimahr E.I.R.L. Multiservice Company dedicated to the construction of metal structures, rowing accusations prints, masonry, plumbing, industrial, electrical, drywall, finished in stainless steel and sale of hardware in general.
Av: Los Frutales N° 494 - Ate - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Erik Manrique Huerta


Caribbean National Agroindustrial Company
Sonagroc is a company of the national agricultural sector with strong links in the livestock, swine and poultry sector and the construction of industrial buildings, poultry, pig, representing the country's termoacustica Cindu sheets, to reduce heat by up to 8 degrees and noise by up to 20 dB, reducing their costs and increasing their profitability
Carretera Mella # 80 Santo Domingo Oriental - Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic

Pre-fabricated houses in América Latina
Our company is a pioneer since 2006 in importing innovative products. The best price and the best quality. They are high quality materials we...

Metal structures in América Latina
Aluminum. Amoblamientos of companies. Amoblamientos industrial. Amoblamientos integral. Amoblamientos for laboratories. Amoblamientos for offices. Amoblamientos on orders. Archives. Joinery for stands and exhibitions. Aluminum closings....

Calorcol S.A.S - Ingeniería de Aislamientos

Calorcol S.A.S - Ingeniería de Aislamientos Manufacture, supply and installation of mineral wool, polyurethane and ceramic fiber thermal insulation, acoustic, fire protection, roofs and facades thermoacoustic.
Calle 46 no. 71 - 121
Copacabana - Medellín - Antioquia - Colombia


GS design manufacture and install window and door glass , aluminum and melamine. Installation and design of drywall ceilings and walls , polycarbonate and other office materials .
Laminated , tempered, reflective glass and armored
Office furniture, children's furniture , furniture and folding beds, kitchen and living room furniture , entertainment furniture , all designed.
Coop. Valle Saron Mz P lote 1 San Juan de Miraflores - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Miguel Sanchez