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Maxs decorations peru from antemanos welcome to our online site. Consultation all our product catalog and buy your curtains, roller blinds, japanese panels, venetian blinds,.

Maxs Decoraciones

Maxs Decoraciones Maxs decorations Peru

From antemanos welcome to our online site. Consultation all our product catalog and buy your curtains, roller blinds, Japanese panels, Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, tapizones, carpet, folding doors, and other products and services we make available, with all the guarantees of decorations Maxs.
More of our services we offer:

Carpet cleaning
Wash curtains roller
Wash curtains
Wash furniture and chairs
surco - Surco - Lima - Peru

Decor HansMart EIRL

Decor HansMart EIRL Decor Hansmart EIRL, is a company of interior decoration, it is responsible for covering walls as classic shades, modern curtains, blinds, rollers screen, rollers duos, rollers black out, shutters and its floor covering such as carpets, modular carpets, tapiz?, synthetic grass, laminate flooring, vinyl flooring ... among other products like shower doors, pVC folding doors, institutional doormats, office chairs, sandblasted More...
Jr. Santa Cruz N° 1202 Urb. Hogar Policial - Villa María del Triunfo - Lima - Peru

Curtains in América Latina
Intalacion aluminum and glass office partitions, shower curtains, mirrors, carpets, curtains, blinds, sky reasonable, parquet, laminate floor, plank porcelain, ceramic, metal frames, covered in all...

Alad Alfombras

Alad Alfombras Aladdin Carpet is committed always to achieve the benefit of its customers, offering sales service and comprehensive installation in floor coverings and walls, with responsibility and dedication.
Our mission is to provide high quality, high functionality, and unique cutting edge at an affordable price and durability designs.
Vinyl roll - LVT - Floating floors - Carpets - Moquettes - Modular Moquettes - More...
Av. Brasil 2453 - Pocitos - Montevideo - Uruguay

Centro de Cortinas y Alfombras Panamá

Manufacture of tailored curtains, blinds, PVC and fabric vertical, horizontal wood and aluminum, roller and blackout SunControl, Roman, decorative moldings, carpets, wood floors, interior design.
via interamericana, penonome, coclé, entrando por el iphe al lado de restaurante pampas, local #3 - Penonomé - Coclé - Panama

Decorservis Rjas.

We are a firm of interior and exterior decoration. Prepare curtains, blinds, rollers, carpet, laminate flooring, shower doors, folding doors, covers for furniture and chairs, also upholster all types of furniture.
Service washes. Curtains, blinds, rollers, blinds, carpets, furniture in general.
Av. Canevaro 192 - Lince - Lima - Peru

Decoration and decorators in América Latina
Shipments of gifts, breakfasts, flowers, peluches, chocolates, cakes, tulips, baskets of victuals, baskets of you drink, funeral adjustments, decoration of churches, bouquets of fianc2ees, mariachis....

Alfombraslimpias E.I.R.L.

Alfombraslimpias E.I.R.L. We make vertical blinds and orizontales in all the models estores, to rroler, and wood blinds also we washed to carpets of retapisamos wall wall to machine mubles etc.
leoncio prado 1185 Barrio Medico - Surquillo - Lima - Peru
Rpte: walter saavedra quispe

Jr. Melo Decoraciones

Upholstery and decorations
C/ Ramón Guzman #12 las Palmas de Herrera - Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic

Decoraciones Velarde

Sale of curtains, carpets, blinds, roller blinds, vertical blinds, horizontal blinds, wood blinds, folding doors.

Our products are high quality, and conform to your budget and economy rely on the sale of tulle curtains, tapasoles, imported fabrics, rustic, Colombian, Brazilian, and national diols, cotton, voile, raw and other more varieties.
- Surco - Lima - Peru

Blinds in América Latina
Posters. Metallic curtains. Awnings....

Floors in América Latina
Llaneados mechanical, micro floors, decorative floors, sport inclines, floors, pavements, all referring to cement alisado.mas of 20 years of experience guarantee our work....

Javieracevedo Alfombras

Thumbnail moquett and sell vinyl slats faux wood floors and washing moquett vinyl and area rugs
José Castro 4573 - La Teja - Montevideo - Uruguay

Alfombras Santa Cecilia S.A.C.

We make carpets in dralon combed, wool shag, of wall wall and vertical centers, curtains, blinds, we commercialized imported carpets, tapizon etc. (sevicio of washing of carpets, curtains, blinds etc.) we made wool carpets of ewe with designs to delcliente request.
Calle 07 Mz "D" No. 115 Urb. Carabayllo km.8.5 av. Tupac Amaru - Comas - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Francisco Villarrreal Gamboa