Decoration and decorators in Latin America

Curtains and decoration is a company dedicated to selling vertical blinds, shutters, lamps, ornamental plants and to provide maintenance and cleaning of vertical blinds, roller.

Cortinas y Decoraciones

Curtains and decoration is a company dedicated to selling vertical blinds, shutters, lamps, ornamental plants and to provide maintenance and cleaning of vertical blinds, roller.
La Sarrosa - El Progreso - Yoro - Honduras

Maxs Decoraciones

Maxs Decoraciones Maxs decorations Peru

From antemanos welcome to our online site. Consultation all our product catalog and buy your curtains, roller blinds, Japanese panels, Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, tapizones, carpet, folding doors, and other products and services we make available, with all the guarantees of decorations Maxs.
More of our services we offer:

Carpet cleaning
Wash curtains roller
Wash curtains
Wash furniture and chairs
surco - Surco - Lima - Peru

Curtains in América Latina
Clothing - installation and maintenance of curtains, blinds, blinds, carpets, rollers, furniture covers, cushions, decorative paper, general upholstery, folding doors, laminate flooring, melamine cabinets, shower...

La Casa del Yeso Artístico

It produces prefabricated cement plaster and decorative elements of ceiling panels, friezes, columns, domes and other decorations both plaster and cement
Ave. Remigio Crespo 15-35 y Unidad Nacional, Cuenca - Azuay - Ecuador

Tallados en Piedra Lopez

Lopez stone carvings offers stone veneer, stone blocks, stone jetties CORASA
Santa Elena cerro el Tablazo - Santa Elena - Ecuador


We are dedicated 100% to finished construction as graphing rulato chafato coated textures and painting generally indoors and outdoors.
Decorations for your home as Venetian stucco Mediterranean kraquelato wahs wall and much more.
We are expert in glass cleaning and maintenance of facades of buildings
We also offer food epoxy flooring for industrial and decorative flooring.
Pablo alberar oe9117 Huaca
La Magdalena - Chilibulo - Quito - Ecuador

Construction finishes in América Latina
Solidus Construction company specializing in renovations and luxury finishes indoors, processing maintenance and recovery of marble floors, granite and baseado, marble work, sale, purchase and...

Alad Alfombras

Alad Alfombras Aladdin Carpet is committed always to achieve the benefit of its customers, offering sales service and comprehensive installation in floor coverings and walls, with responsibility and dedication.
Our mission is to provide high quality, high functionality, and unique cutting edge at an affordable price and durability designs.
Vinyl roll - LVT - Floating floors - Carpets - Moquettes - Modular Moquettes - More...
Av. Brasil 2453 - Pocitos - Montevideo - Uruguay


Buzonespr Sales of exclusive residential mailboxes manufactured in: stainless steel, galvanized iron, steel. sale and installation, service, restoration, maintenance. We visited his home address.
Calle 1 W # 3 - San Juan - Puerto Rico

Decoascensores C.A.

Decoascensores C.A. In Decoascensores we specialize in the manufacture and installation of liners, tarpaulins, blankets, protective coating and protection of elevators, made of canvas padded waterproof laminated fabric, install and dispatched throughout the country for any brand and type of elevators. Assorted colors for every need.
contact us and visit us at:
Av. Francisco de Miranda Centro Perú Torre "A" piso 9 oficina 97 - Chacao - Caracas - Venezuela

Interior design in América Latina
Company services and advice in architecture and civil engineering, turnkey projects, commercial architecture, general carpentry, interior design, decorations, rowing accusations, finishes, etc. Turnkey projects. ...

Alfombras y tapizones en los Estados Unidos -
Confección e instalación de alfombras, cortinas, tapizones, papel colomural, forro de muebles y persianas....


Decoratiba We are dedicated wing manufacture of wood and melamine furniture, interior and exterior doors, car port, kitchen furniture, closets and taste as the client, we have 10 years experience in the market, home service appointment without cost to the customer .
- Villa El Salvador - Lima - Peru

Emaduya Roñes Eirl

Venetian, marmorino or rassato application of stucco, decorative microconcrete, coatings, with but of 15 years of experience. Also we sell products like stucco Venetian and marmorino (coatings to the lime).
Av. Tupac Amaru 060 -Urb. Manco Inca.

Lima - Perú. - Comas - Lima - Peru