Metal structures in Latin America

Provision of metal alcnatrillas, bow type metal sheets and guard-way flex beam sole representatives in bolivia road armco products under the standard of bolivia.

Disprovial SRL

Disprovial SRL Provision of metal alcnatrillas, bow type metal sheets and guard-Way Flex Beam sole representatives in Bolivia road Armco products under the standard of Bolivia. Metal culverts have different sizes from d = 0.60 m d = 0.80 m 2.00 mm in thickness d = 0.90 m in thickness 2.00mm. d = 1.00 m and all diameters required in the medium More...
AV. Beni
Barrio Hamacas
C./ 6 Oeste N.- 13 - Andrés Ibáñez - Santa Cruz - Bolivia

Metalica San Martin de Porres

Metalica San Martin de Porres aluzincs metal structures. Metalicomantenimiento installation and assembly of steel structure. Metalestubos structural. metalicasdiseño base metal structure. Metal bases. Manufacture of structures. Installation of metal structures. Manufacture of metal structures. roller door. Construction of bungalows. parabolic ceilings. Gabled roof. Steel stairs. coliseums closed. industrial doors. Metal beams and columns. Drywall decorations for clubs and homes. Storehouses. permetricos fences. Aluzincsoporte metal roof. More...
Jr. Túpac Amaru #233, Tingo María - Huánuco, Perú - Rupa-Rupa - Tingo María - Peru

Metallic constructions in América Latina
We are a company dedicated to the manufacture of products in metal (iron, stainless steel) resulting in a wide range of products ranging from cans...

Ceilings in América Latina
Company dedicated to the manufacture of structural ceilings, gabled parabolic, sawtooth, etc. We also design and manufacture, installation and removal of all types of steel...

Puertas Automaticas

Puertas Automaticas Company dedicated to manufacture and import of garage doors and industrial engines residential sectional doors, sliding, swing, Rising, anivel national attention.
Fleming 127 Santiago de Surco - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Alejandro de la Cruz

Constructora Velez y Montero S.A.C.

Constructora Velez y Montero S.A.C. In engineering construction, projects, design and manufacture of metal constructions, metal carpentry and civil works.
Av. 2 de Mayo nro. 601 N.E. - Villa María del Triunfo - Lima - Peru

Materiales Diversos SAC

Various materials SAC Arequipa was founded in 1991 as a marketer of electrical hardware. As we entered 2000 in manufacturing, we implemented our plant in Lima, in the district of Chorrillos. During all these years we have supplied our products to the telecommunications, electricity, mining and related; can say with satisfaction that in the most important regions of the country More...
Av. Guardia Civil Nº 657 - Chorrillos - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Mario J. Díaz

Building contractors in América Latina
Rural construction sale and installation plants of water treatments. Preparation and installation large windows aluminum. Elctricas facilities joints stabilisations....

Arco Maquinarias

Arco Maquinarias Company leader supplier of provisions and services for the construction. Rent and sale of all type of machines, machineries, tools, scaffolds, means of elevation and accessories of industrial security. Sale of used machines, repair of machines, armed of great structures. Arco Maquinarias Alquiler y Ventas S.A. counts on but of 40 years of experience in the market
Juan B. Justo 5770 - Flores - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Levadizas Automatic S.A.C

It is dedicated to the automatization of raisable doors to remote control, electrical walls to height with internal alarms and external also works are made of generally adaptable metallic structures to the automatization like metallic inner doors
Buenos Aires Centro Civico 74-75 lt 17 (Frente al mercado Bns As) - Chimbote - Peru
Rpte: Marlon Williams Pablo Murrugarra

Puertas Industriales Perú

Puertas Industriales Perú Automation, manufacture of metal and wood doors, industrial - residential models. Secionales, sliding, swing, Rising. Sale of transmitters (controls) for large and small, nationwide shipping
Fleming 127 Higuereta - Surco - Lima - Peru

Metal roll up shutters in América Latina
Manufacture, maintenance and repair of manual and electric roller doors. Gasfiteria general services such as electricity, repairing water pumps, metallic structures, air conditioning and...

Constructoras en los Estados Unidos -
Empresa constructora general obras civiles, construcciones metalicas, mantenimiento de edificios, limpiesa de edificios, poryectos, anteproyectos y consultoria referida al mismo ramo....

Corporacion Lavado SAC

Corporacion Lavado SAC  
Av. Callmel del Solar n°601 Huancayo Junin - Huancayo - Peru


Visualracks Installation services for buying racks.
Services canaleteado home.

Delivery of products in our store.
Care services to provinces.
Av. La Marina 893
San Miguel - Lima - Peru