Metal structures in Latin America

Company dedicated to manufacture and import of garage doors and industrial engines residential sectional doors, sliding, swing, rising, anivel national attention.

Puertas Automaticas

Puertas Automaticas Company dedicated to manufacture and import of garage doors and industrial engines residential sectional doors, sliding, swing, Rising, anivel national attention.
Fleming 127 Santiago de Surco - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Alejandro de la Cruz

Puertas Industriales Perú

Puertas Industriales Perú Automation, manufacture of metal and wood doors, industrial - residential models. Secionales, sliding, swing, Rising. Sale of transmitters (controls) for large and small, nationwide shipping
Fleming 127 Higuereta - Surco - Lima - Peru

Metallic constructions in América Latina
Manufacture doors aluminum windows and balconies pvc shutters installed engines and install gates remote gates Americans ...

Techos en los Estados Unidos -
Una firma líder especializada en el área de metal mecánica, suministros de materiales para estructuras metálicas y cubiertas metálicas y termo acústicas; en el campo...

JR Aceros

LAF plate sale, lac galvanized pipes, cells, stainless steel roller doors profiles crossbows for general nipler threaded pipe
Jr. Tumbes 1113 Juliaca - Juliaca - Peru

Metalica San Martin de Porres

Metalica San Martin de Porres aluzincs metal structures. Metalicomantenimiento installation and assembly of steel structure. Metalestubos structural. metalicasdiseño base metal structure. Metal bases. Manufacture of structures. Installation of metal structures. Manufacture of metal structures. roller door. Construction of bungalows. parabolic ceilings. Gabled roof. Steel stairs. coliseums closed. industrial doors. Metal beams and columns. Drywall decorations for clubs and homes. Storehouses. permetricos fences. Aluzincsoporte metal roof. More...
Jr. Túpac Amaru #233, Tingo María - Huánuco, Perú - Rupa-Rupa - Tingo María - Peru

DKSA Service

DKSA Service Services are working with paint finishes, waterproofing, installing gypsum, ceramics, porcelain, polycarbonate, plumbing, carpentry, metal structure projects and work with experienced personnel in all services.
Amagasi del Inca e15-287 y Anagaes - Kennedy - Quito - Ecuador

Building contractors in América Latina
Company dedicated to the civil engineering, metal hardware , paint and Samblas . ...

Metal roll up shutters in América Latina
Manufacturing doors Santa Maria to control or industrial and commercial mechanical ...

Estruacril S.A.S

Estruacril is a Colombian manufacturer of polycarbonate roofing, masonry and everything related to construction we have the service you need.
calle 13 sur # 10 a -62 - Antonio Nariño - Bogotá - Colombia


teamwork is essential
coop la union mz e lt.01 san juan de lurigancho - San Juan de Lurigancho - Lima - Peru
Rpte: miguel garcia rubio

Corporacion Novaka, C.A.

Distribuidora materials Steelworkers, pefiles (beams), structural round tubing, rods, angles, mesh, trusses, steel rods, sheets and slabs.
Av. ppal la urbina caracas - Sucre - Caracas - Venezuela

Guía de trabajo y empleos en América Latina -
Encuentra trabajo o personal en América Latina. Anuncios gratuitos con curriculum.

Construction companies in América Latina
Design and construction of all types of carpentry projects blacksmith texture painting pvc plastic window frames everything related to construction....

Estructuras Metalicas

Specializing in all types of metal structures, doors, windows, furniture, bedding, roofing, metal stairs and everything that is related to construction with metal.
Isaac Albeniz 443 Urb. Primavera - Trujillo - Peru

Taller de Herreria Ruiz

Company with 20 years experience in the field of the manufacture of metal structures such as sheds, estruras to machimbrado, railings, doors, stairs, railings and now we are manufacturers of passenger vans for retrovisores'FYR'especialmente made polished laminated sheet galbanizada .
Av. Jose Antonio Paez - Valencia - Carabobo - Venezuela