Paints and varnishes in Latin America

Bekam has specialized in providing maintenance in the field of coatings and paint industry in general, from real estate to equipment and machinery. We have specialized.

Bekam Inversiones & Distribuciones

Bekam Inversiones & Distribuciones Bekam has specialized in providing maintenance in the field of coatings and paint industry in general, from real estate to equipment and machinery. We have specialized technicians trained to provide professional and guaranteed service.
Paints and Industrial Coatings For:
industrial buildings, structures, silos, storage tanks, dams, tanks, furnaces, boilers, industrial, cold rooms, pipes for high or low temperatures, paint precautionary strips and More...
Bo. Guamilito 6 ave 11 calle, Edificio suite del Valle Local No. 2 - San Pedro Sula - Cortés - Honduras


Marg marga 3671, Quilpue - Quilpué - Valparaíso - Chile

Painters in América Latina
Services are working with paint finishes, waterproofing, installing gypsum, ceramics, porcelain, polycarbonate, plumbing, carpentry, metal structure projects and work with experienced personnel in all services. ...

Construction finishes in América Latina
Only the best thing in natural stone coatings and Silestone. Our marks: Pierimarmol and Silestone....

Grupo Ferretero Su Kasa

- Pujilí - Cotopaxi - Ecuador

Quimica Petrosil S.R.L.

Polyurethane paintings. Paintings electrostatic equipment. Special paintings. Industrial paintings. Industrial paintings factories. Paintings for sinks of swimming. Paintings and varnishes. Paintings lacquers for furniture.
Ayacucho 819 - Cañada de Gomez - Iriondo 2500 - Santa Fe - Argentina

Espacios Ceramicos Ltda

Company specialized in the national and imported product distribution of the best marks for finished of construction and sanitary painting decoration, ceramics, furniture and accessories, as well as direct importers of materials and consumptions of the sector of the construction.
Dg 45 Nº 19-16 Sur /Cll 45 Nº 19-07 Sur - Tunjuelito - Bogotá - Colombia

Decoration and decorators in América Latina
Isumos for decorators iron art decoration structures tunnels panels balloons arches ...

Lam Pinturas LTDA

We are an Uruguayan company dedicated to perform painting work on buildings, houses. residences, apartments and commercial premises.
Our work is done with specialized personnel in the area of painting and construction, which allows us the job done quickly efficiently and responsibly.
Experience has gone hand in hand with innovation and using new technologies to make our company one of the best More...
Esquilo y Espronceda - Punta Del Este - Maldonado - Uruguay


The Ferretotal is engaged in sales of electrical supplies, health appliances spare parts motorcycle fittings, paintings.
Av. Japon y 34 Pydas - Republicano - Asunción - Paraguay

Plata y Luz S.A.

Industrial paintings. Paintings and varnishes.
Edison 1281 - Villa Gobernador Galvez - Rosario 2124 - Santa Fe - Argentina

Interior design in América Latina
A company with 10 years of experience that designs, manufactures and sells all types of curtains for your home with unique designs, latest trends and...

Hardware stores in América Latina
Electrical supplies, barracks, health, tools and more....

Servicio Total Impermeabilizaciones

Ciruelo Baez 466 Minas - Lavalleja - Uruguay

Cielo Estrellado Bolivia

Starry Sky Bolivia interior designs are invisible ceilings day and night becomes a sky like you're in the open field, a sky in all its glory. These designs to operate a concentration that resembles a painting that is a mixture of water therefore has no odor and is non-toxic, this paint applied directly to the ceiling to make the designs, More...
- Murillo - La Paz - Bolivia