Sandblasting in Latin America

Claudius vargas company didicada to the heading of sanded, hidrolavados and industrial paintings. Works with explosives autorisados by the s. M.a in quarries etc. rent of.

Lalo Arenados

Claudius Vargas company didicada to the heading of sanded, hidrolavados and industrial paintings. Works with explosives autorisados by the S.M.A in quarries etc. Rent of diesel hammer, air compressors and electrical are realised rompepavimento and tyre drill. Works in any point of the country
33 Orientales 1558 - Paysandú - Uruguay

Arenados Proanco

Compressing pneumatic hammer and rent sale
Av. Néstor Gambetta - Cdra. 69 - Callao - Lima - Peru

Painters in América Latina
Pinto houses, homes, buildings, residences, galleries etc. Gypsum walls microcemento, coated etc. At duco, M.M, epoxy etc. Painted wood etc. Drawings signs. Selected staff of...

Glass shops in América Latina
We are a purely Ceibeña company. We have 10 years of experience serving the people of La Ceiba and elsewhere. We deliver to other places...


Sandblasting and painting inside and outside the city
- Esmeraldas - Ecuador

Vicryel S.R.L.

We are able to offer our services on glass and aluminum at any point in our country and outside our borders, through strategic links.
Av. Independencia 193 entre C/Martín Barroso y C/ Cornelio Rios - Gran Chaco - Tarija - Bolivia
Rpte: Oscar Yelma N.

Leon y Compañia Ltda

We are a dedicated wing blasting companies, whether in mining, maritime acid plant, we have qualified personnel in all its areas.
poblacion esperanza 1 de mayo 720 d rancagua - Rancagua - O Higgins - Chile

Paints and varnishes in América Latina
We are manufacturers of paints, vinyl, sealants, waterproofing, alkyd enamels, acrylic enamels, polyurethane, epoxy, industrial coatings....

Arte Moderno

We produce marble plaques and granite etched design and computer-aided system blasting.
Jr. Ancash 1672 - El Agustino - Lima - Peru

Industrias Murrieta SAC

Dedicated to the production and brick sale for the construction, sale of sand and other materials
Calle Putumayo No. 1270 - Iquitos - Peru

Serpinblast E.I.R.L

Serpinblast E.I.R.L Serpinblast EIRL . Service Industrial blasting and painting .
We perform sandblasting , shot blasting , industrial painting and sandblasting hopper car certified and airless paint equipment .
Calle nueva 209 of.324 Cercado Arequipa - Cerro Colorado - Arequipa - Peru

Aluminium carpenters in América Latina
High carpentry aluminum, is a company dedicated to the heading of glass and aluminum, we offer aluminum and glass works with a good finish we...

Construcciones metálicas en los Estados Unidos -
- Pintores especializados en fachadas, interiores y exteriores. - Instalación y mantenimiento de puertas levadizas, puertas y portones - Mantenimiento de cercos eléctricos -...


Since 1996 sandblasting and painting services industrial, surface preparation of 50,000 psi with water. (Water jet). Equipment Sales Painting and Sandblasting.
Calle Los Nazcas Nº 231 Urb. Maranga - San Miguel - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Jose Antonio De Amat Lacotera


Glass sales and hardware generally.
we also carry out works in aluminum and glass like sliding windows, doors,
screens, curtains of bathrooms booths telofonicas, booths of bathroom etc...
also escaleras, vitrinas sales already built of all measure
Av. 10 de agosto y Asaab Bucaran 921 - El Triunfo - Guayas - Ecuador
Rpte: Washington Quezada