Ventilation systems in Latin America

Hojalatería el arte. We are a peruvian company dedicated to the design, implementation and marketing of metal duct system, industrial fume hoods, workbenches and tin in.

El Arte Ingenieros SAC

Hojalatería El Arte. We are a Peruvian company dedicated to the design, implementation and marketing of metal duct system, industrial fume hoods, workbenches and tin in general ; textile, chemical, paper, hotels, restaurants, and more. Grilles and diffusers 3 and 4 way, for air conditioning, baffle grease filter or mesh type. In galvanized steel, stainless steel grade 430, 304, 316 More...
ate vitarte - Ate - Lima - Peru

O&C Ingenieria y Servicios Logisticos SAC

He is a specialist in the field of air conditioning and ventilation industry, offering development engineer for your projects we offer:
Study and implementation of projects of air conditioning and industrial ventilation
sale and installation of air conditioning duct package type, split type duct, cassette, ceiling split, mini split, fan coil and windows.
Sale and installation of industrial ventilation equipment More...
Mariano Bejar 710 Urb. Las Quintanas - Trujillo - Peru

Air conditioning in América Latina
Technical service of refrigeration and conditioned air, spare parts and machineries...

Aaa Ingenieria

Aaa Ingenieria Positioning realised by professional and responsible personnel. for that reason a.a.a engineering constantly enables to its preventive personal.mantenimiento System maintenance paid (monthly-quarterly-annual) service at home. Account with technical service specialized for the attention to cliente.consta of all type of repairs and all the 18 marcas.atenci?n of Monday through Friday of 8 to hs and Saturdays of 9 to 14hs.
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Longvie individual heating orbis baggio reheem splendid volcano importer of gas
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Ingenieros Friotemp SAC

Ingenieros Friotemp SAC Company dedicated to the provision, conditioned air installation and maintenance, and ventilation (HVAC), holds a position of leadership in the industry at national level.
Cl. Jose Mariano Arce 493 - Pueblo Libre - Lima - Peru

Heating in América Latina
Online sales catalog with a wide range of low rates in air conditioning and heating, water and air treatment, hardware, automation, appliances, faucets, lighting, pools...

Vertice Tres

Company dedicated to the comprehensive solution of solar control.
Louvers (sunbreakers, quiebrasoles), bioclimatic facades (perforated aluminum panels), aluminum window frames,
Guatemala, ciudad - Guatemala - Guatemala


Commercial industrial ventilation company and mining.
- Independencia - Lima - Peru

Aerosistemas Ingenieros, S.A.C.

Our company specializes in the subject of air conditioning company, we have extensive experience in the field and have strategic partners that the best solutions to all kinds of challenges are developed.
We are fully confident that we will find the perfect solution for your business, within the skill that has the fields of air is mastered, the humidity control, More...
Alfa Tauro 110 of. 301 La Calera de la Merced - Surquillo - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Cesar Urteaga

Engineering projects in América Latina
Sertechma Cia. Ltda. Is an Ecuadorian company with nationwide coverage, focused on providing technology solutions, Industrial Safety, locative and additional maintenance for your company, business...

Metallic constructions in América Latina
Light steel structures in sevilla (shelters for cars and parking lots, equestrian (horse boxes, feeders), sports facilities, and preparation for industrial as mezzanines, stairs, ramps. ...

MACSIS Maquinas y Sistemas de Climatizacion

- Machines and Air Conditioning Systems
- Maintenance, repair and installation of equipment
- Air conditioning
- Industrial Ventilation
- Odor and vapor extractors
- Cooling equipment
- Industrial and Decorative Bell
- Delivery within and outside the city
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Disan SRL

Av. Universitaria 560 - Lima - Peru